At Supermach, our mission is to get you where you need to go safely and in style at match, the speed of sound. We have 20+ years of experience manufacturing sport vehicles with a focus on sustainable, clean energy and diverse product lines of e-bikes and e-scooters.

Supermach is the sole distributor in the US market for “Huaihai Holding Group”, the top electric scooter and bike manufacturer in China. Huaihai Holding is ranked No.1 (and holds a World Guinness Record) for small vehicle export, surpassing 21.8 million units sold in 2020 and exceeding 10 billion RMB in total assets. Currently has 8 facilities that manufacture e-bikes and e-scooters. 
We have multiple sales outlets through online distribution but are always seeking opportunities to expand. Currently, we have the capacity of producing e-bikes and scooters approximately 250,000 units a month.